Piano Movers AtlantaMoving can be a fun process for everyone involved. If you have a group of friends and you are reminiscing about the good times you have had at that place, and you are moving at the same time it can be a blast. However, if you have large objects such as pianos, or art pieces, you might need to call some specialists. Luckily for you, the moovers has specially trained workers that we call the piano movers. Atlanta has been calling the Moovers for several years when it comes to moving pianos or other large objects, but what exactly do we do differently?

Our Piano Moving Process!

Proper Packing The first thing that we work when our piano movers begin to go to work is a proper packing service. We check for jutting edges and possible areas that could receive bumps and bruises. We also separate pieces that could fall off such as legs (if it does not have rollers) and the stands so that we can properly secure each part of the piano.

Piano Movers AtlantaExpert Moving Next we do the hard work. We pick up your piano and move it onto our truck for transport. This is easily the hardest part and pays for itself. You will not need even to lift a finger other than to sign off for the pizza as you and your friends sit back and hang out for the rest of the move.

Positional Specificity When we are at the new location you will get to move the piano to wherever you would like. If you do not like the way it catches the light, let us know, we will not leave until you are happy with where the piano is resting.

The Moovers

The moovers are the premiere movers in Atlanta. There’s a reason that when you google Piano Movers Atlanta that we come up, it has because we are the best and we constantly strive to make the customers as happy as possible. If you would like to know more about our services or company, give us a call us at (770) 386-1111!