Are you Preparing to Move?

But there is also a good amount of Moving Service Preparation that needs to be done to make sure it is efficient as well as enjoyable. To do this, we have assembled a checklist of things to do for your next move.

Checklist for Success

Preparing to Move Box things appropriately Make sure that if you have objects that are heavy, that they are placed in smaller boxes. If you have a bunch of little things, they belong in the bigger boxes. We want to make sure that the weight is isolated to select muscles on the body and not run the chance of tearing.

Glass and Valuables Separated This is surprisingly overlooked. If you have something that is in danger of being broken, it should be by itself. Fine china, glass wear, old souvenirs need to be wrapped up (newspaper works just fine) and stored in places that are marked with care. Another SouthWest tip for you: Write Be Careful on the box, not Fragile. Everything gets labeled with Fragile.

Breaks and Water There is a lot of heavy lifting involved and travel strain. Make sure you allow yourself several breaks and also drink lots of water. You dont want to run the risk of heat stroke or to pass out from exhaustion; it should never even come close to that.

Moving Service Preparation

Know your Area Wherever youre moving to, know the area. You should have a hotline and a general idea of where the nearest hospitals, grocery stores and order out places are. You also want to start setting up your internet as fast as humanly possible. Being without it can cause an immense strain on the people moving with you.

The Moovers

If you are looking for the best Moving Service Preparation, youve found them. We dont try to brag, but our local movers are the best in the business and will give you the best moving service youve ever received in your life! Give us a call today to learn more about our great service!