Moving and Packing Your Valuable Items

moving and packing with The Moovers In the madness of packing your things for your move, you might have items that you are just throwing in the box without a second thought. While that is true, you might also have things that are more valuable and needs extra care while you pack and move. You will need professional movers who are trained and have the experienced needed to carefully and diligently move any of your valuables. With The Moovers, you have little fear with us because we are skilled in moving valuables of all sizes. However, there are things that you can do during your moving and packing that can help keep your items safe and secured.

When you are moving and packing your valuable, it is a good idea to create an inventory. Draft a list of items that are valuable in your home and take a picture of it as well. In addition, if it is possible, purchase insurance to protect your items for your move.moving and packing with The Moovers If you have large items, you will need help. It is better to use professional help because they are more likely to be trained to handle large valuable things such as pianos. Professional movers like the Moovers have dollies, wooden crates, and other special tools that will make your move as smooth as possible. If you have small stuff such as valuable jewelry or important paperwork, it is better to keep them in a secured box and keep them on your person. If it is in your hands or car, it is not likely to get lost in the madness of the move.

If you packing with The Moovershave valuable dishes, it is a good idea to pack them with several layers of paper or wrapped in cloth. Do not pack them laying flat side down because it can lead to them breaking. Instead, fit them like you would fit records.

Choose the right box for all of your moving and packing. You want boxes that fit your items, that aren’t too big or too small. In addition, after packing, shake the box just slightly. If your items move in the box, then add more padding to keep your items safe within the box.


Choose The Moovers for all of your moving needs. In addition with being friendly and on time, we are experienced with moving valuable items for you. Call us today at 770-386-1111.