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Moving is a difficult and tiring task. It is often time consuming and very hard on your body. Similar to how you would never want to install electronic wiring in your house, why would you want to move things by yourself? corporate moves mooversThere are right ways to do things as well as wrong things. Sometimes the best thing you can do is call the professionals and let them handle it.

Here at The Moovers, we believe in making your new move as easy as possible. We offer top quality service and long-distance moving services throughout Georgia. When you are looking for Marietta movers, look no further than the Moovers.

Tips for your Moving Company

Before calling for your consultation and quote, here’s a small checklist of information we will need that will make the call a much smoother one:

1) Destination It would surprise you just how many people say where they are and not where they are going. If you’re moving from Marietta to Cartersville, it’s a lot different than if you’re going to Rome.42544955_ml

2) Hazards The biggest alteration in quotes comes from knowing that hazards of your house. If you have stairs, if you have a second floor, attic or basement these will change the way we quote you for a price.

3) Specialty Items There are certain items that will be asked of ahead of time. If there is a baby grand piano that has been in your family for years, it might be worth mentioning. These sorts of items receive special tags on your account for us to accommodate ahead of time.

Call us Today!

It’s as simple as that. Take this list, tally all of the information for yourself and give us a call at (770) 386-1111. We will be able to take your call, assess the information and give you the best pricing available to help you in your move. We understand that moving is a big deal and it is as physical as it is emotional. Let us help you on your way as you move to wherever life is taking you next.

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