If you have managed to secure some help for your move and you’re confident you don’t want to hire an excellent moving service like The Moovers, let us give you some advice that will save friendships and make the move as fun as possible. Here are the top 5 ways to make your moving help happy!

5 Ways to Help your Moving Help!Moving Help

Tunes – Every significant move needs a great set of tunes to make everybody jam out and have fun. There are tons of music services out there, or if you want to go old school and use a boom box and a burned CD you’re more than welcome to. We recommend using Spotify Premium and the Top 50 Tracks playlist. You’re welcome.

Good Vibe – Be relaxed. It will probably take a long time, and there will probably be some screw ups or do-overs along the way. This is all part of the process, and when you’re moved in and snuggled into your bed, you don’t remember being a jerk.

Clear, not Bossy – People seem to have a problem mistaking clarity with being mean. Being clear and giving clear direction is all about word choice and inflection. You want to be specific, which means labeling things very specifically and knowing the difference between squares and rectangles. Next, you want to keep the inflection calm, think Californian surfer.

Do More – Don’t let people overwork themselves. That doesn’t mean solo grab a baby grand piano, but it also doesn’t mean pull out a novel when they’re moving the couch you’re sitting on. There’s a middle ground, and you should make sure that they are in the middle ground and not you!

Grab Pizza – Every great move has a great pizza in it. There are two fundamental rules of moving pizza. 1) Buy pizza with good toppings. 2) Buy good pizza in general. Fork in the extra 10-15 bucks for a couple of good pizzas instead of settling.


If you want to have the best experience possible, hire the Moovers for the best moving service in northwest Georgia. The best way to hang out with your friends making a move is to let someone else make the move while you guys get to hang out! Contact us today!