They are sources of joy, comfort, and overall members of the family. Our pets are often seen as an extension of ourselves and in most cases seen as a kind of adopted child. And just like all other family members involved with the upcoming move, you have to have a game plan when it comes to their relocation. This article will entail providing you with tips on what you can and should do to ensure that the move is not only more comfortable for you, but also as stress-free as possible for your

Dog in a boxBe Consistant

Keep your routine schedule for feeding, walks, playtime, cuddling, and bedtime. If a dog is used to using a doggy door, set one up in your

new place. If your cat is accustomed to outdoor time, arrange for that even if you have to use a leash initially for safety purposes and to keep him from running away.

Bring Favorites

You may be tempted to get your pet new accouterments, but this is not a good time to introduce new items. Instead, bring your pet’s favorite bed, crate, toys, food and water dishes, treats and other familiar things. Put them in similar places as they were in your previous home. Favorites will help your pet feel in control and at home more quickly.

Keep the Safe

During the packing stage, the actual move and the transition in the new home, plan for your pet’s safety. Some animals will be upset and scared once the boxes and suitcases take over. They may hide or run away. Set aside a safe place where they can’t get lost or hurt. Make sure your pet has identification and your contact information, and that you have copies of veterinarian records. Learn about any aggressive animals in the neighborhood or any structural risks in the home or yard.

Be Patient

Allow your pets to take their time sniffing around their new home; let them explore. Allow them to come out when they are ready. Their behavior may change for a while, including eating habits, barking, pacing or protection behaviors. They need time to get used to their new home, just as you do.

Love Them

Cat in a suitcaseRemember that the best way to help your pets become accustomed to a new life is with reassurance and compassion. Show them love, and they will take the move easier.

The Moovers

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