Corporate Relocation

corporate moves moovers Moving, in general, is stressful, but a corporate relocation can be a massive headache. Commercial moves have bigger inventories than home that can span floors. Not only does a corporate relocation mean moving the physical aspects of your corporation. It also means trying to get valuable corporate information safe during a move. A corporate relocation impacts the employees, your business, and your company. But here at The Moovers Inc., we understand the frustration our customers can feel especially a corporate relocation. Here are some tips we want to provide you.

Plan for your Commercial Move as Soon as it is Confirmed

Do not think that your will have plenty of time to plan a move. As soon as it becomes official that your business will need relocation than it is time to start planning. You might have an idea about how big is your company might be but to actually shift through the hundreds of desks or even 10 to 15 of them can immediately ruin your mood when you come to realize the gravity and massiveness of your company. If you want to create a successful move that is as stress-free as possible, plan months ahead. For a major company, a year ahead might enough time.

Commercial Moves

corporate relocationWhen it comes to Commercial Moves, tell your employees first about the news. Just like a family move, it is important to tell everyone that will be affected by the move. Just like in any move, a lack of information will cause distress among your employees and spread false rumors and panic quickly. So inform your employees of the move and how it will affect them. The more informed your company is about a move, the less likely of a chance for negative impact on your business. So plan a meeting with your employees that will inform them of any information they will need to know so they can prepare as well.

Assign Different Tasks to Different Managers

commercial moves mooversThese managers can help coordinate these moves and serve as contact points for your employees. These managers can contribute by keeping morale up and positive by providing answers for your staff and offer advice to help make the corporate relocation easier on the company.

Pick a professional moving company with experience with corporate relocation and moves. The Moovers Inc., has been in the moving industry for 28 years and can handle both long and local distance move. We understand corporate moving needs such as business furniture shipping and installation, office move packing and technology support service. We are a full-service moving company that can handle all of your corporate relocation needs. We are professionally trained as well as licensed, insured and bonded. Trust us for your move.

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